Kawaii Aesthetic Room makeover 💖

8 Kawaii Aesthetic bedroom decorating ideas 💖💖💖

Planning to Renovate? 
Below are a few tips and ideas for a Kawaii room makeover 😉

1. Clean and tidy your room  

The first thing that you need to do is to clean your room. Start by removing stuff that you are not using anymore and clothes you are not wearing anymore. This action can help your room look neater and more spacious so that you can add more Kawaii elements to your room afterwards. 


2. Have light-colored walls

Having light-colored pastel walls bring you a step toward a Kawaii theme room. Usually, light-colored walls can easily match cute and kawaii items such as bed sheets, rugs, and many more. Not only that, light-colored walls have the magic to make your room looks tidier and also visually expand the space and make it look bigger than it used to be. Therefore, if you don’t have a bright wall, you can consider repainting your wall or go for cute pastel wallpaper—for example, the pink wallpaper in the picture below. If you want to go for something more unique, you can also look at the floral theme wallpaper with a more aesthetic vibe. 

(Click on the picture below if you want to read more information on the lovely wallpaper 💖)

pink wallpaper

pink wallpaper

floral pink wallpaper

3.Have Cute bedsheet 

Since your bed occupied a big part of your room, decorating it with cute bedsheets can definitely take kawaii to a whole new level. Below are some kawaii bedsheets that I personally recommended. You can check out it by clicking the picture below 💖

kawaii bedsheet

kawaii bedsheet

kawaii bedsheet



4.Plushies is important 

You can put plushies anywhere in your room to spice up the cuteness. Cute plushies can be placed almost anywhere, such as on your beloved bed, your chair, rug, or you can even set a small size plush on your desk. Giant plushies are more suitable to place on your bed as if they were pillows and you can lay over them. Overall, if you didn’t put plushies in your room that something is missing. Check out these cute plushies from KayleySecret 😉


kawaii flower plushie
kawaii cat plushies


5.Have a cute rug on the ground

You definitely don’t want to miss out on the floor part when decorating your kawaii room. You can choose famous characters rugs from Sanrio like HelloKitty or just a plain pastel-colored rug with a pretty shape. There are a lot of cute and unique rugs on Amazon, as shown in the picture below. Rugs are essential as they can keep your feet warm, especially if you don’t have a carpeted floor, and make your room look way cozier overall.


kawaii egg carpet

kawaii kitty carpet

pink carpet

6. Frame pictures and quotes that can give you daily inspiration

Next, you can pick out your favorite quotes or pictures that you'd like to display in your room. Select frames that fit each image and hang them on your walls. (ps. White Frame will be the best choice as they go with anything). This act will fill up the empty part of your room wall and avoid feeling blank. 

7. Add some cute furniture

You can also add some cute furniture that stands out, such as a super comfy paw cushion that you can place on your chair, as shown in the picture below. A cute piece of furniture you like will make you feel happy whenever you see them in your room. Therefore, add a bit of kawaii furniture in your room to light up your mood the whole day.


kawaii cat paw
8. Include Fairy lights

Last but not least, fairy lights are the perfect items that add a touch of sparkle to a room. You can either choose warm or white fairy lights that can match your room overall. It is effortless to hang fairy lights around your room; you can use simple tools such as thumbtacks, hooks, or just tape to stabilize the position and hang the lights above your bed, door frame, window, curtain, and many more. 
butterfly fairy lights
kawaii fairy lights
cherry garland lights

There is no right or wrong when decorating a Kawaii theme room. You can decorate it based on your preferences. The ideas above are just tips that I used when decorating mine. The most important thing is to enjoy the whole process.

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